We Need, We Heed and Then We Never stop growing thereafter...

Children between the age group of 5 to 6 years are enrolled in Grade SHEM PREP SR. (UKG).

‘Learning by doing’ environment though structured methodology coupled with standard curriculum, ensures children are ready to take a grand leap to formal schools. One on one attention along with new themes and concepts prepare them for structured classroom learning which welcomes them on graduating.

In UKG, the focus is on strengthening the concepts learnt in the previous years. Here the children improve their vocabulary and are able to put together longer sentences and converse with adults. They explore their environment in depth and ask questions. Their reading, writing and communication skills improve. They are engaged in simple logical thinking and problem solving exercises.

Key Focus Areas
• Environment Studies
• General Knowledge
• Social
• Aesthetic/Creative Express
• Personal Social and Emotional Development
• Cognitive development
• Theme based Concept Time
• Math readiness
• Language and Phonics
• Inculcating Life-long learning skills
• Opportunities for development of aesthetic sense
Activities Involved
• Sensory Time
• Story Time
• Water Play
• Sand Play
• Science Time
• Creative Time
• Library Time
• Celebration of festivals and special days
• Field trips
• Puppet shows
• Stage Exposure
• Play with Technology Corner