Shem Foundation Sr.-Nursery

Building blocks of better future.

Children between the age group of 3 to 4 years are enrolled in Grade ShemFoundation Sr. (Nursery).

Our primary focus is to lay a strong foundation for our children to ensure a smooth transition to formal schooling. Therefore, all the activities have been designed to develop the reading, writing and logical skills of the children.

Our scientific approach enhances their ability to “learn quickly” gets increased manifolds. Exercise helps them in understanding the basics of day to day life and they begin to understand about controlling and coordinating their mind and body.

As children move into nursery they are well adjusted and are able to sit in a place and follow instructions. They express themselves through words and actions. At this stage, it is important that your child gets the adequate inputs to build up the requisite skills.

Key Focus Areas
• Enhancing communication skills
• Theme based Concept Time
• Language Skill Development
• Fine and gross motor development
• Promoting cognitive skill development.
• Personality Development
• Care of Self and Environment
Activities Involved
• Sensorial
• Story Time
• Water Play
• Sand Play
• Creative Time
• Library Time
• Celebration of festivals and special days
• Concept Based Picnics
• Puppet shows
• Stage Exposure
• Wow! Wednesdays Activities (Moral Values, Celebrations, Environment friendly, Outdoor Games • Recognition of Alphabets, Letter Sounds & Numbers
• Early Writing Skills (Letter Formations)
• Memory & Observation Games (Puzzle Solving)
• Teaching Social Habits (Personal Hygiene, Sharing, Independent Eating)