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At SHEMROCK Little Explorers, we try to celebrate most of the national & regional festivals, special days and other occasions throughout the academic year. We ensure to bring out the right concept and tradition of our diverse culture by organising events, performances and competitions that are memorable and cherished by our Children, Parents and Teachers forever.

Baisakhi Festival-2019

Festival celebrated by our Kids under supervision of our teachers and Kids enjoyed a lot.

People of Punjab celebrate the festival of Baisakhi with exuberance and devotion. As the festival has tremendous importance in Sikh religion, major activities of the day are organized in Gurdwaras. People wake up early to prepare for the day. Many also take bath in the holy river to mark the auspicious occasion

For the large farming community of Punjab and Haryana, Baisakhi marks a New Year’s time as it is time to harvest rabi crop. On Baisakhi, farmers thank god for the bountiful crop and pray for good times ahead. People buy new clothes and make merry by singing, dancing and enjoying the best of festive food.

Kids Carnival-2019

Shemrock Little Explorers Participated in Kids Carnival at Lucknow

Live Music, Fun Zone,Food Court, Talent Hunt, Painting Competition

SUPER SCIENTISTS Soluble and Insoluble-Feb-19

Soluble and Insoluble Experiment . Kids have shown what is the difference between Soluble and insoluble objects with live experiment

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Health is very important . Kids enjoyed Yoga session at School and leaned benefit of regular exercise.

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Basant Panchami Feb-19

Basant Panchami Function celebration happened at School. Benefit of  Festival has been told to Kids.

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Vaccine Camp at School-Jan-19

Under the supervision of  U.P State Govt Vaccine Camp held in School.

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Fruits has been served by School and served to kids. Also benefit of fruits have been told to kids.

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Christmas Celebration-Dec-18

Christmas Celebration happened at School . Kids enjoyed the event.


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Wow Wednesday Mar-2017 Monthly Birthday Celebration

Wishing all the Birthday Babies of March....a very Happy Birthday!!!!! God Bless you all.

Kids enjoyed with Birthday cake, gifts and cards provided by the school to all our Birthday Babies of the month which was greatly enjoyed by all the Birthday Kids. The Cake was then distributed in all the classes.

Our Shemrockites looked very cute in their black and white party dresses.

Holi Celebration 2017

Enjoyment of Holi Celebration

Kids , Parents and Teachers has played Holi with Natural Gulal and color .

Our Kids enjoyed a lot.

Wow Wednesday Feb-2017 Monthly Birthday Celebration

Here are the glimpses of the Birthday cake, gifts and cards provided by the school to all our Birthday Babies of the month which was greatly enjoyed by all the Birthday Kids. The Cake was then distributed in all the classes.

Our Shemrockites looked very cute in their black and white party dresses.

Basant Panchami Puja- Feb-17

This festival to goddess Saraswati and worship to enlighten themselves with knowledge.

While “basant” means spring, “panchami” signifies the fifth day. Also known as Shri Panchami and Saraswati Panchami.

To celebrate the spring season, our Kids were dress up in yellow attire and enjoyed the Pooja.

Super Scientists-Burning Candle Experiment Feb-17

On this Super#Scientists# activity, a simple experiment was set up to explain our school kids that fire also needs oxygen #from air in order to burn.
For this our teachers# took a candle, tray, matches,a transperant glass and a small quantity of water#. The candle #was lit and put
Vertically in a tray. A small quantity of water was poured in the tray so that a little lower portion of the candle remains in water. Further the burning candle was covered by an inverted glass#. The candle went off and the level of water inside the glass increased.
This, this experiment gave our students# a chance see this concept# in action.

Vegetable Market Show Jan-17

A Vegetable Market was created for the kids at school for the better learning and recognition of all the common vegetables available as well as their colour, shape and taste too. Our tiny tots not only were told about the importance of green vegetables and their role played in healthy development of mind and body but also to add more fun to the program, our little explorers were made to play the game of purchasing their favourite vegetables displayed.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas season brings many reasons to celebrate and gather.

Our Kids enjoyed a lot on Christmas Party

Favourite Friday -Fire Station visit- Nov-2016

To make the theme of Favorite  Friday not only entertaining but also informative and educative, our Little Explorers went to the Fire Station ,where they were told about the hazards of fire and its Basic Preventive Measures and some safety points. They were very well guided by the Fire Officers there and were given demonstration of the fire trucks and fire extinguishers. At school also, our children were also given basic fire mock drill training to understand the concept much better.

SUPER SCIENTISTS Nov-16 (Air has weight experiment)

Air has weight experiment
This experiment was taken up to make our tiny-tots understand that the air which nobody see but can feel only, has weight too. To explain this concept practically, our teacher took two balloons and blew air into one. Then both of the balloons were tied on the either end of a ruler. As soon as the ruler was suspended from the center with a piece of string or hook, it was noticed that the ruler tilted downward to the side of the balloon filled with air, showing weight.


To make our "LITTLE EXPLORERS" understand a very common and interesting concept of floating or sinking,our teachers took a small tub filled with water and gathered a few material (some heavy and some light) and put it in water one by one to make them learn easily the fact of science that objects float if they are light in size and sink if they are heavy for their size

Global Handwashing Day-2016

On the occasion of Global Handwashing Day,the school conducted a special program in which the teachers gave a practical demonstration to the SHEMROCKites to show them the correct way of washing hands steps wise.Some of the kids also came forward to do it on their own for better learning.
The kids were not only reminded on how to wash hands but also as when to wash hands.
The program ended very well as all the kids greatly participated and showed great interest towards the session taken by the teachers